About G4G

Gospel for the Gong  (G4G) has grown out of the friendship of 9 mates in Christian ministry around central Wollongong.

We share a commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ, to reformed, evangelical doctrine, to biblical theology, and to the systematic preaching of God’s word. (For more information on what we believe click here)

We long to see God’s gospel have a greater impact in Wollongong. And we believe the churches and ministries we serve can do more working together than by us simply working alone

The local church is always at the centre of God’s plans. But Gospel for the Gong envisages us also cooperating in joint action, both for evangelism and for equipping Christians. God willing, we plan to run three or four major public events each year.

We are keen to promote and implement a positive vision of gospel-centred, Bible-confident, doctrinally-deep, culturally-engaged and effective ministry among the Christians of Wollongong.

We kicked off with a combined church service at the University of Wollongong on 27 March, 2011 (sermon audio here). You can discover more about Gospel for the Gong by reading how one of our number, Sandy Grant, introduced us on that night.