Combined Service – “Love the Gospel”

The G4G churches are holding a combined gathering on Sunday 16th March at the University of Wollongong (Hope Theatre). The theme of the event is “Love the Gospel”. It is designed to help Christians reflect on how and why they may be involved in sharing the message of Jesus.

The event begins at 7:00 PM.

Wollongong Churches Use Social Media and Graffiti to Preach

Jesus Is _____.Jesus Is at Thomas Dalton 2013_web

Perhaps you’ve seen this graffiti chalked on the footpaths. Perhaps you’ve seen someone wearing the black t-shirt or badge with the logo. Perhaps you’ve seen a Facebook post promoting the phrase or website (

Whether by graffiti or social media or plain old chatting over a cuppa, Christians in central Wollongong want to hear your thoughts about Jesus.

Research conducted for the Bible Society shows that Jesus himself is still widely respected, with over 50% of Australians nominating him as the #1 most influential person in history. Is this your view?

And so Wollongong church leaders say they are interested in people’s opinions. What goes in the blank of the “Jesus Is _____.” phrase? They expect the resulting phrases could be positive or negative, or just plain quirky. There’s a wide array of such responses on the website.

  • Jesus is my Lord.
  • Jesus is confusing.
  • Jesus is worth it.
  • Jesus is visible on my grilled cheese.
  • Jesus is a crutch.

Rev Sandy Grant said he’d chalked the phrase on many footpaths.

I’m happy to see others reply with their own graffiti in response!. One person wrote, ‘Jesus is … unemployed’. Another said, ‘Jesus is … E=mc2’. I guess they were suggesting it’s all relative. Or maybe Jesus is responsible for the laws of nature? 

On a recent Sunday after church, hundreds of Christians from various denominations  – Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, Reformed, independent – spelt out the phrase, “JESUS IS _______.” in human letters at Thomas Dalton Park. The event was photographed from the air by an unmanned helicopter drone (repeating an effort at North Beach last year).

A small photo is attached to this post and media outlets can obtain higher-res photos and footage by contacting Rev Sandy Grant via St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong.

The campaign is sponsored by Gospel for the Gong. Gospel for the Gong comprises ministers from Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian and Reformed Churches around the Wollongong CBD, along with the Evangelical Christian Union, and Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students, both at UOW.


Women’s Bible Teaching Day 2013


We are pleased to invite Christian women in the Illawarra to attend our annual Bible Teaching Day. This will be held on the 17th August at the Wollongong Salvation Army building. Please click here to download the flyer.

Combined service (Hope Theatre)

There will be a G4G combined service on Sunday 7th April, 7PM in Hope Theatre at the University of Wollongong. This is an event for local Christians to hear the vision of G4G and be encouraged to join with us as we bring the message of Jesus to Wollongong.

Jesus is ______.

During October, G4G is asking Wollongong for their opinions on Jesus. Click the image below to hear what people are saying or to give your opinion. 

On Sunday the 28th October, we plan to hold an event at Wollongong University (Hope Theatre, 7PM) which will allow people to explore Jesus further. This is a free event and Simon Manchester will be speaking.