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One Question for God

On Sunday 7 May, the G4G churches will gather 7pm, at Hope Theatre (Building 40), University of Wollongong, where Richard Chin will answer the frequently asked question:

What happens when we die?

One question for God 600x450

Before then, several of the G4G churches will be considering other big questions for God. Check back in for links as they are added for times & dates at each church…

Wollongong Baptist Church

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why is there suffering?
  • What happens when we die?

St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral

  • Why doesn’t God show himself?
  • Why is there so much pain in the world?
  • Why do bad people prosper?
  • What’s the meaning of life?
  • How can I have inner peace?
  • What happens when we die?

You can submit your One Question For God that you’d like to ask in the comments below.

Why I am Still A Christian?

r614460_4083789.jpgJoin us for our next Gospel for the Gong event where Peter Jensen will be speaking on ‘Why I am Still a Christian‘ – after almost six decades experience since becoming one!

SPEAKER: Peter Jensen is a former Principal of Moore College and Archbishop of Sydney. He is a gentle controversialist and well-known preacher and pastor.

WHEN? 7pm Sunday 30 October

WHERE? Hope Theatre (Building 40), University of Wollongong.

G4G October 30 Facebook.png

G4G Women’s Conference 2016

‘Walking the Gospel life’Boots image (2).jpg

  • Speaker: Jenny Salt
  • Date: Saturday 10th Sept 2016
  • Time: 9:30am – 3:30pm (doors open 9am)
  • Venue: Wollongong Salvation Army Corp, 11-13 Burelli St, Wollongong
  • Cost: $30; $25 concession; $15 for 15-18 years (includes morning tea and lunch; if you have food allergies please let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs.)

You must register and pay by 4th September online at

Further inquiries can be made via email.

Extra information

Our guest speaker, Jenny Salt, has worked as a registered nurse, Qantas flight attendant and currently is on faculty at Sydney and Missionary Bible College. She loves seeing her family on weekends, and especially spending time with her six nieces and nephews.

She writes, “I’m looking forward to opening the Word of God with you all in Wollongong, and thinking more about how we are to continue to ‘walk in Him’, abounding in thanks- giving” (see Colossians 2:6-7).

No creche provided, but there is a cry room available.

Please bring a Bible and pen. Also consider bringing extra money if you would like to purchase books from the bookstore or a ‘real’ coffee before the conference starts and during lunch.

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2016 Ministry Challenge Day

God’s Ambassadors for God’s New World

  • Date: Saturday, August 6
  • Time: 9 AM – 1 PM
  • Venue: University of Wollongong – Building 19.G026
  • Speaker: Phillip Jensen (more info about our speaker here)
  • Cost: $10 (for morning tea and lunch – RSVP details below)

pjwebThe G4G Ministry Challenge Day is for Christians thinking about gospel ministry…

Do you know what’s in God’s message for the new world? Do you want to share in that message? The gospel of Jesus is the message from God for his world. Come to explore your place in making that message known.

We’ll hear from a few who have already been in gospel ministry and how they have made decisions regarding such ministry.

Along with the Bible talk, there will be a Q & A with Phillip.

There will be time in small groups and for some, the opportunity for a one on one interview with someone with experience in ministry.

If you are considering how you can be involved in bringing the Gospel to the world then you should join us.

Cost: $10 including morning tea and lunch.
RSVP: Email Rob Copland – or via acceptance through the Facebook event page.

Jesus is … our greatest lover

JESUS IS ______.  We’ve been asking, ‘What goes in the blank?  See what people say!

Arial photographNow hear Richard Chin explain why

Jesus is … our greatest lover!

Malaysian-born Chinese Aussie and Wollongong resident, Dr Richard Chin is father of four and the National Director of AFES (Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students).


  • When:    Sunday 22nd March, 7:00pm
  • Where:   Hope Theatre, UOW (Building 40, University of Wollongong; enter Western Entrance half-way up Northfields Ave; park @ P2 or P3.)
  • Free refreshments afterwards.


Wollongong Churches Use Social Media and Graffiti to Preach

Jesus Is _____.Jesus Is at Thomas Dalton 2013_web

Perhaps you’ve seen this graffiti chalked on the footpaths. Perhaps you’ve seen someone wearing the black t-shirt or badge with the logo. Perhaps you’ve seen a Facebook post promoting the phrase or website (

Whether by graffiti or social media or plain old chatting over a cuppa, Christians in central Wollongong want to hear your thoughts about Jesus.

Research conducted for the Bible Society shows that Jesus himself is still widely respected, with over 50% of Australians nominating him as the #1 most influential person in history. Is this your view?

And so Wollongong church leaders say they are interested in people’s opinions. What goes in the blank of the “Jesus Is _____.” phrase? They expect the resulting phrases could be positive or negative, or just plain quirky. There’s a wide array of such responses on the website.

  • Jesus is my Lord.
  • Jesus is confusing.
  • Jesus is worth it.
  • Jesus is visible on my grilled cheese.
  • Jesus is a crutch.

Rev Sandy Grant said he’d chalked the phrase on many footpaths.

I’m happy to see others reply with their own graffiti in response!. One person wrote, ‘Jesus is … unemployed’. Another said, ‘Jesus is … E=mc2’. I guess they were suggesting it’s all relative. Or maybe Jesus is responsible for the laws of nature? 

On a recent Sunday after church, hundreds of Christians from various denominations  – Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, Reformed, independent – spelt out the phrase, “JESUS IS _______.” in human letters at Thomas Dalton Park. The event was photographed from the air by an unmanned helicopter drone (repeating an effort at North Beach last year).

A small photo is attached to this post and media outlets can obtain higher-res photos and footage by contacting Rev Sandy Grant via St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong.

The campaign is sponsored by Gospel for the Gong. Gospel for the Gong comprises ministers from Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian and Reformed Churches around the Wollongong CBD, along with the Evangelical Christian Union, and Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students, both at UOW.