Ray Galea

Ray Galea will be coming to Wollongong on 14-15 September to speak at two events. Details below.  Online Rego here.

Ray is a well known speaker and author, having written God is Enough and Nothing in My Hand I Bring. Ray loves his wife, Sandy, his three adult children, eating Middle Eastern food, listening to Bob Dylan, and watching films set in New York. Ray serves as senior minister at St Alban’s Multicultural Bible Ministry in Rooty Hill, Sydney, but years ago, he worked as a social worker in Wollongong.

One thought on “Ray Galea

  1. Stewart Richmond

    G’day, I attended the Men’s breakfast with Ray Galea last Saturday morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ray is an inspiring speaker, the breakfast was excellent and it was a terrific opportunity to share with like-minded people. However, i nearly didn’t make it and am concerned others may have missed this event. the invitation said the Wollongong TAFE function centre address was Northfields Ave, North Wollongong. Unfortunately the venue isn’t in Northfields Avenue, nor North Wollongong. it is in face kilometres from both locations! I persevered by driving to TAFE and eventually found the hall just as I was about to give up and go home! I’m glad I did as it was a great event. Is it worth making the address a little more accurate next time. Thanks! Stewart Richmond


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